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    How to prepare for both the modules of CS?

    plz anybdy suggest how i prepare both th executive modulefinish M.com so suggest me plzzzzzz@@

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    Re: How to prepare for both the modules of CS?

    In the CS executive Course there are 6 papers divided into two Modules:

    Module 1 paper includes:
    General and Commercial Laws
    Company accounts, Cost and Management Accounting
    Tax laws

    Module 2 Paper includes:
    Company Laws,
    Economic and Labour Laws
    Securities LAws compliance

    I would suggest that you should first give one module papers at a time.
    Give one module in Dec and the next module papers in June

    Solve the previous years question papers.
    make a note of questions that have been repeated in exams
    Study the books and notes provided by the institute
    Also use few reference books
    Devote atleast 5-6 hours a day.

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