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    How to get job after completing B.Tech? What should I do to get the job?

    sir, i have 52.6% mark in 12th and 64 % marks in 10th.i am doing b.tech and now i am in 2nd year.after 4 year comletion , how i can get a job? i see today's situation,i think, i cannot atain my collage campus placement becouse of criteria.i so upset by thinking of that,so plese sujest me,what should i do? i must need a job.how i will get a job?

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    Re: How to get job after completing B.Tech? What should I do to get the job?

    First thing is that you should give full time to your Btech studies and try to clear all the Btech papers in first attempt.
    Also try to score more than 60% marks in your Btech.

    Make sure that your technical knowledge is very good of all the subjects that you are studying in your B.Tech

    Now attend all the Campus interview, in which you meet the eligibilty Criteria

    Also uplaod your Resume and Biodata on leading Job Portals like Naukri.com, Timesjobs.com etc when you ahve entered the last semester of your course and start applying for all the jobs wherever you meet the eligibilty criteria.

    Send your resume to all the leading job consultants and placement agencies

    Send your resume to your seniors who are already working in companies and ask them to forward your resume to their company HR team.

    Just have a positive attitude and you will be surely get the job.
    Also make sure that apart from your technical knowledge, your communication skill should be also very good.

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    Re: How to get job after completing B.Tech? What should I do to get the job?


    yes it is difficult to get job specially in the software companies,if you do not have minimum of 60% through out your academic career,but you must try onwards to maintain a minimum percentage of 60% in your b.tech,by doing so you can apply in the various government jobs as in the government jobs only degree marks is required and not the through out career marks,so you just try to do so.then you can apply in various government jobs like railways,bank,defence,bsnl etc.

    www.nausena0bharti.nic.in(navy website)
    www.careerairforce.nic.in(air force website)
    www.joinindianarmy.nic.in(army website)
    railways, railway recruitment board

    other you can try for jobs in various companies where the demand of percentage is less,or only the degree percentage is important for the job.

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    Re: How to get job after completing B.Tech? What should I do to get the job?

    Dear friend,

    Most of the companies hire candidates not only on the basis of marks.
    They do see your
    1. Communication skills
    2. Team work
    3. Confidence
    4. Problem solving skills
    4. Body language

    You have good academic history and try to improve it as much as you can.
    You have develop above mentioned criteria through internet, daily life etc.

    Don't tremble down at this juncture of time. Try to increase your confidence and give your best.

    All the best

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    Re: How to get job after completing B.Tech? What should I do to get the job?

    Hello friend,
    You will no need to worry for this.There is light in every darkness and there are solution of every problem.
    There are many companies available where you can appear.The eligibility criteria is 50% in B.Tech.
    The companies are
    Odeesa Technology
    Paramatix India Pvt. Ltd.
    There are thousand of other companies where you can apply.So it is better for you to upload your complete CV in the following job seaching website to get best suited job according to your qualification
    Recruitment Procedure
    * Aptitude Test.
    * Group Discussion
    * HR Interview.
    * Technical Interview.
    All the best.

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