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    How to concentrate on studies? on.....plzzzzzzzzzz.....hek[CODE]o[/ClODE] to concentrate on my studies

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    santhosh44 Array
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    Sep 2012

    Re: How to concentrate on studies?

    Hi friend

    Don't watch tv .

    Don't use computer and internet for entertainment .

    Prepare time table for study each and every subject .

    After study Sleep well

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    Oct 2012

    Re: How to concentrate on studies?

    Hello Dear Friend ...

    First of all you should know the VALUE OF STUDIES and their BENEFITS ...

    So you must be very concentrated on studies to get SUCCEEDED

    You must FOCUS on which ever you study even if it is ONE HOUR

    Eat your Favorite and Green Vegetables

    Make a TIMETABLE

    Embrace your Learning

    Find a Quiet place to study

    Make list of Goals and

    You need to achieve them one by One


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    pradeep.phm Array
    Join Date
    Mar 2012

    Re: How to concentrate on studies?

    Dear friend,

    Here are some of the instructions for concentrating on your study:

    1. Selecting a right place to study, so that your mind can concentrate only on study and not on other activities, and you can also spread all your study materials.

    2. selecting a convenient time to study at that particular place, daily you need to study at that time only.

    3. Prepare a list & make up some study sessions on which area you need to concentrate.

    4. Break up large projects into small ones and easy way to remember.

    5. Don't get distracted using your mobile phones during your study period.

    6. Understand what ever you read and carefully store it your mind.

    7. Imagination is very much important, which can't be done practically.

    8. Take a break during study hours, don't study continuously.

    9. Finally try to remember all the points that you have learnt that session, practice them repeatedly.

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    santhosh44 Array
    Join Date
    Sep 2012

    Re: How to concentrate on studies?

    Hi friend

    Prepare Timetable for study .
    join any tuition center.
    Try to reduce watching TV.
    Try to reduce using social network
    Before and After study sleep well .
    Try to reduce using cell phone .

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    tarungupta_16 Array
    Join Date
    Oct 2012

    Smile Re: How to concentrate on studies?

    Re: How to concentrate on studies?

    Hi friend,

    Its great to see how much concerned you are about your future and career!
    Hats off to your spirit!

    See,always remember this formula-


    The above line says it all!

    The first and foremost thing is that you need to set a goal in your mind.
    You need to be focused towards your goal.

    As far as concentration is concerned,you can do the following in order to sharpen your concentration power-

    1) Meditation
    2) Yoga
    3) Counselling

    Always keep two things in mind-
    1) Hard work is the only ladder to success
    2) Practice makes a man perfect

    Hence keep working hard and best of luck for the future!

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    exam only way Array
    Join Date
    Jan 2013

    Re: How to concentrate on studies?

    Dear Friend...

    I am also student.. lots of thing change my path of study...
    i can give you some good tips...


    Day To Day work

    Enjoy your Study

    Don't Watch TV so much time

    Control the use of Internet

    It is not necessary to see first day first show movie

    Manage all thing

    Time Management

    Allocation of time in to every activity

    Some time behind Exercise so you can built you body with mind




    Surya Namaskar

    Don't waste your time in non productive activity

    Hope you can understand...

    All the best


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    Hi friend, Array
    Join Date
    Oct 2012

    Re: How to concentrate on studies?

    * To concentrate on studies adhere to these steps....!!

    * Have a good study schedule and follow it....!

    * Take constant relaxing breaks too.....!!

    * Do yoga and meditation also.....!!

    * This would make you focus on studies and avoid distractions...

    * Keep aside cell phones, pc and TV during studies.....!!

    * Workout the mathematics and other problems......!!

    * Be smart and do a smartwork.....!!

    * Success comes with luck but luck knocks for only hard workers....!!

    * Be attentive and grasp a lot in the class itself....!!

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    siddjain93 Array
    Join Date
    Jul 2012

    Re: How to concentrate on studies?

    Dear friend,

    As we know that Where there is will, there is way. In the same way if you have will power then you can do every thing. When our minds go for other things then we can't focus on our studies. The first way to concentrate on studies is to take break for some time after a duration. Through this your mind will not divert towards outside world. You need to be determined for making concentration on studies.

    Second thing is that you should make a time table of your studies. You should follow your time table for your studies and also for your playing. Through this way you can purely concentrate on studies during study time and can purely concentrate on games during entertainment time. You should take a 5-10 minutes break after 1 hour study. As your mind will feel fresh.

    Third thing is that you should try to study in the morning time. You should sleep early in the night and try to wake up early in the morning. As in the time of morning your mind is fresh and empty so you can concentrate more during morning time on the studies. You should take sleep of atleast 7-8 hours daily. If you can't complete your sleep then you will feel laziness in studies and also in your work.

    Never try to learn any subject. Always first understand the concepts in each subject then try to learn those topics. The subjects which you will understand will remain in your mind for more time. If you try to learn the subject without understanding it then surely you will forget that topic very early.

    Meditation and yoga is the best thing to increase your concentration power. By these methods your mind will remain healthy, fresh. By these methods you can increase your concentration power for various subjects. If your concentration power will increase then you can easily understand the subject.

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    k.uma Array
    Join Date
    Oct 2012

    Smile Re: How to concentrate on studies?


    1.Have everything u need to study.

    2.Have a snack nearby.

    3.Make a time table.

    4.Embrace ur learning.

    5.Find a quiet place to study.

    6.Make sure ur cell phone and other electronic devices r turned off.

    7.Consider playing music softly.

    General Tips for concentration:-

    1.Do the least pleasant tasks first.

    2. Avoid bogging down when reading, or getting stuck and defeated on difficult problems or essay questions.

    3.Preview to help focus and know what the material is about.

    4.Read the material more closely after the previewing.

    5.Make an objectives list (goals).

    best of luck

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    Badshah Array
    Join Date
    Jul 2012

    Re: How to concentrate on studies?

    • Concentration on studies always lead to every one to success but many lacks in it.
    • Even a two hours study with proper concentration is always better than 10 hours study by just opening books and peeping here and there.
    • For proper studies, create a goal and the path to acheive that goal. It makes study interesting, not as burden.
    • Work on your weakness and try to overcome from it.
    • Many students this days are addicted to social networking sites, you should avoid it or use it only for few minute.
    • Yoga and meditation are very helpful to make a mind a consicious on studies.
    • You should have control on yourself, make a mindset that you want to crack this exam with such an such marks, you will have better results.

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