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    How can I prepare for SNAP test along with job? Last year cutoff marks for the admission in SIMS & SIIB colleges of Pune? How can I get admission in SIMS through SNAP test? How can I prepare for GE & PI of it?

    I have only been able to dedicate 4-5 hours/day (Avg. incld Weekdays Weekends), in the preparations of the forthcoming SNAP exam. This resultant is of the fact, I am continuing to working with an Organization. (Infosys Pvt. Ltd. Since 2007)
    My interests, with respect to applications to colleges would primarily rest in SIMS-Pune, as I am eligible to apply under norm, Dependents of Defense Serving Officers. Second preference however would be SIIB Pune, provided I am able to put up a better result.Could I request, for an informative reply enumerating & highlighting on my queries below.
    1) What are the best sources, which I could refer to prepare for all/different section of the SNAP?
    2) Please share CUT OFF (trend set) at SIMS in the last year, & also of SIIB for the same period?
    3) Is it a sensible decision to apply to a single college? (SIMS Only in current/my case)
    4) Is there any statistical representation of, how students apply for SIMS annually? How many are screened through to a GE & PI after the SNAP and how many.
    (PS: I have been practicing on solving previous 5 year papers, I have also downloaded a few mock papers, I do understand the pattern & type of questions. I would need, some expert advice to help if I could be provided with a break down on Sectional - Syllabus!)

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