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    How can I prepare for GRE exam? Format of the exam?

    i am jagan i finished my engineering..
    now i want to prepare for gre examination.....
    how to prepare for GRE examination...
    can u tell me the format for GRE??????

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    Re: How can I prepare for GRE exam? Format of the exam?


    A variety of resources available for preparing GRE exam,upon registration ,they will provide preparation software called PowerPrep which contain two practice test of previous questions.Companies like IMS learning resources also provides courses,materials,books .

    Tips to prepare for GRE exam:-

    1)Familiarize yourself with the overall format of GRE
    2)Take as many GRE test as possible
    3)Beware of time allocated to each section
    4)Practice more puzzles questions
    5)Prepare basic Maths like geometry,fractions,percentage,decimal ... etc which you learned in high school
    6)Concentrate on GRE vocabulary also

    Format of the GRE exam:-

    Online exams consists of 3 parts

    1)Verbal Reasoning(30 multiple questions and time is 30 minutes)
    2)Quantitative Aptitude(28 questions and duration is 45 minutes)
    3)Analitical written Assessment(Issue tasks and argument task(duration depends on the ability of the candidates)

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    Re: How can I prepare for GRE exam? Format of the exam?

    GRE Stands for Graduate Record Test

    It checks your ability of your knowledge of the past Graduation Subjects. It also checks your Vocal. GRE is for taking admission in abroad for post graduation courses like M.Tech.
    Tips For Preparation of GRE Exam :

    - Understand the question formats for each section.

    - Focus on basic math

    - Try to solve GRE practice tests

    - Study GRE vocabulary very well.

    - If possible join good coaching class.

    The GRE can be grouped into 3 major sections.

    -Verbal reasoning
    -Quantitative reasoning
    -Analytical writing.

    Above syllabus will be covered by following books. So please refer these books :

    Writing Skills for the GRE and GMAT (Peterson)
    Taking the GRE Writing Assessment
    Kaplan's GRE Exam
    Barron’s How to Prepare for the GRE Test

    Crash Course for the GRE
    The Official Guide to the GRE revised General Test


    List of some GRE Coaching Centers :

    Achievers Point Knowledge Systems Pvt. Ltd.

    Trajectory Education

    Brilliant Tutorials Pvt. Ltd.


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