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    How can I prepare to crack IIT Mains exam?

    please provide information about IIT JEE preparation,
    how to prepare for IIT JEE mains,
    iit jee advance how to crack IIT JEE online in 3/6 months"

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    Re: How can I prepare to crack IIT Mains exam?

    Hii friend...it is not so difficult to crack your jee mains. just you need a strategy and a lot of hard work. your basics of each subject should be cleared. you just follow the given points that could help you a lot.
    1. preparation of given syllabus of chemistry, physics & mathematics
    2. practice competitive questions given at the end of each chapter
    3. go through previous year questions of iit
    4. conceptual & calculative aspects should be practiced than theoretical aspects
    5. be confident, have proper diet, less stress should be there. thus, follow the right schedule for self study

    thus, these steps will enhance your capability a lot. All the best!!!

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