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    How can I get a UK Visa?

    As well as business-based applications for a UK Visa, these can allow people to study or to move and live in the United Kingdom. So how can I get it?

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    Re: How can I get a UK Visa?

    Your question is not clear as to what is your purpose of visiting UK.

    If you want to go to UK than you have to apply for the business visa.
    This visa is given for a maximum period of 6 months. this visa can be of single entry or multiple entry type.

    If you want to apply for TIer 4 student Visa than you should first fulfill the below criteria:
    -Letter of acceptance for a course from a recognised institution in UK
    -Your certificates to show suffcient qualifications as senior secondary or graduate depending on the course you have applied.
    -very important crtiteria is to show eveidence that you have suffcient funds to apy your fees and meet your expenses while you staty in UK

    You can submit the application to the VFS office in India who processes the UK visa
    Also there are lot of agencies who help you with the paper work , but they charge some fees for that

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