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    Guidance for studying Actuary after 12th science? Syllabus and books for the same?

    dear sir,
    i am a class 12 science student and study in delhi.i am planning to do actuary after 12th. kindly guide me for actuary.also tell me the syllabus of actuary and the books i should study from.

    thanking you

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    Re: Guidance for studying Actuary after 12th science? Syllabus and books for the same?

    Syllabus for actuarial science after 12th-

    Probability theory
    Mathematical statistics
    Statistical inference
    Regression analysis
    Design of experiment
    Sampling theory
    Loss models
    Life insurance mathematics
    Financial mathematics

    Best of luck...

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    Re: Guidance for studying Actuary after 12th science? Syllabus and books for the same?

    Hello friends......
    1. It is good to give the entrance exam for ACTUARY aftre 12th standard.
    2. For this i provide the link from which you can see the syllabus and books for ACTUARY are given below:-


    Also some syllabus books with references are given below:-

    Paper I: -
    1. Introduction to Probability and Mathematical Statistics by Bain and Engelhardt
    2.Adventures in Stochastic Processes by Resnick, 1992, Birkhauser

    Paper II: Statistics
    1. Linear Regression Analysis (2nd Ed) George A.F. Seber and Alan J. Lee
    2. Sampling: Design and Analysis, Sharon L. Lohr (1999), Duxbury Press
    3. Design and Analysis of Experiments, Douglas C. Montgomery 6th Ed, (2005) John Wiley and Sons

    Paper II: Actuarial Science
    1. Life Contingencies (ACTSC 331) - N. Bowers, H. Gerber, J. Hickman, D. Jones, and C. Nesbitt: Actuarial; Mathematics (second edition).

    2. Loss Models (ACTSC 431/432) - S. Klugman, H. Panjer, and G. Willmot: Loss Models (third edition).

    3. Mathematical Models in Finance (ACTSC 446) - H.H. Panjer (Ed.): Financial Economics With; Applications to Investment, Insurance and Pensions.

    The comprehensive exam consists of two papers:

    Paper I is common among all students in the department of Statistics and Actuarial Science:-

    a. Probability theory
    b. Mathematical Statistics
    c. Statistical inference

    Paper II (Statistics):
    a. Regression analysis
    b. Design of experiments
    c. Sampling theory

    Paper II: (Actuarial Science)
    a. Regression analysis
    b. Loss Models
    c. Life Insurance Mathematics
    d. Financial Mathematics

    I hope your problem will be solved by follow the above steps.

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