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    Which Foreign language has a greater scope among, Spanish, French, German and Japanese?

    I am graduate in B.A. from University of Delhi.Please suggest me for choose the right language course.and also tell me the Scope of that language which you tell me......

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    Re: Which Foreign language has a greater scope among, Spanish, French, German and Japanese?

    There many languages which are in demand but some languages have gain more popularity than other languages.

    Some popular foreign languages in INDIA


    As all of the languages which you have mention are in demand ,you can choose any language to study.

    You should choose the lauguage in which you have interest in.

    You reside in DELHI which is incidently has many recognized centers in which lauguages are taught.

    List the Best college Delhi to study foreign language course

    Alliance Francaise De Delhi - www.afdelhi.org

    Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan - www.bvdelhi.org

    British Council

    Tel: 42199000
    E-mail: in-ltcdelhi@in.britishcouncil.org

    Max Mueller Bhavan -

    Jamia Millia Islamia - www.jmi.nic.in

    YMCA, Language Course - www.newdelhiymca.org

    University of Delhi - www.du.ac.in

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    Re: Which Foreign language has a greater scope among, Spanish, French, German and Japanese?

    I am a Lawyer and 42 years old. I want to improve my skill in any one or two Foreign Languages. Please let me know whether any improvement could I get by knowing these languages. Please reply.

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    Re: Which Foreign language has a greater scope among, Spanish, French, German and Japanese?

    Hi dear,

    The most beneficial language to learn is German and then French.
    The reason being many German companies are slowly coming and establishing themselves in India.
    Thus providing a lot of opportunities.
    So learning German can be actually beneficial.
    But still the choice lies with you.

    Whatever you wanna choose.

    All the best

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    Cool Re: Which Foreign language has a greater scope among, Spanish, French, German and Japanese?

    Well, there's supply and demand. Spanish would probably be the most useful of those currently, but just about everybody in the US has taken it in high school, so that reduces your value as a translator.

    I'm not seeing much future potential for Russian, German, French, or Japanese. They used to be much more valuable than they are now, and they seem to still be on the decline (and people are learning English as a second language, meaning fewer translators are necessary).

    You didn't mention Chinese, so I don't know if you have some reason you don't want to learn Chinese, but otherwise, you should consider it. More and more Chinese are learning English, but there is still plenty of space for translators.

    Arabic is a gamble. It is definitely getting in higher demand, and not that many people know both Arabic and English well. If a significant part of the Arabic-speaking world decides to get their act together, they could become a nice economic growth region which would make your skills more valuable. However, that may or may not happen. If it doesn't, you'd have to hope for lots of terrorist activity and wars to give you work
    Either way, being a translator is not going to make you rich, and I don't think the pay varies a whole lot on which language you know. So, I'd pick a culture you're interested in and learn that language, rather than trying to maximize your earnings
    With a era of globalization world is getting smaller and smaller. Business and cultural relation between countries are getting stronger more than ever before. Language plays a vital role in these interactions and communications and view points are exchanged through this mode.
    French and Spanish are two of the top language which are been taught as a foreign language in many countries including India and there are many opportunities. If one is interested in technical field then German language is the appropriate choice. Japanese is also an good option but you need to learn the script as well and its more tough compared to other three.
    However, there are many more opportunities in field of foreign language such as one can work as a translator, Interpreter, teacher and many more. It also open up job opportunity in the field of Hotels and Diplomatic services.

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