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    Which of the following degrees have more scope in Nanotechnology?

    hiiiiiiiiii i m aishwarya ........
    i m very intrested in science specially in nanotechnology
    i have one confusion .........
    which of these degrees have more scope in nanotechnology
    1.m.tech in nanotechnology
    2.b.tech in nanotechnology
    3.ph.d in nanotechnology
    plz help me.........

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    Re: Which of the following degrees have more scope in Nanotechnology?

    Hi Buddy,

    From all the degrees you have specified above it is clear that the highest of all the degree will me the most valued one which in you have mentioned from the above is the P.Hd.

    --> I'm quite sure that Nanotechnology is the latest trend which is gaining a lot of craze and importance in terms of students approaching the course and choosing it as a career option.
    --> I'm sorry but there is no such course like Nanotechnology in graduation, hence B.Tech in nanotechnology is not possible it is best that you remove that option out of your mind.
    --> Nanotechnology is just a unit in the subject of Applied Physics in 1st year of graduation syllabus.
    --> Now coming to the other options which are M.Tech in Nanotechnology and P.Hd in Nanotechnology, both the courses will be an added advantage if you wish to go with either of them.
    --> To go for M.Tech you must make sure that you must have completed your graduation and applied for GATE exam.
    --> By securing a very good score and getting admission into one of the top reputed colleges will only ensure that you're able to go with Nanotechnology Specialization.
    --> Not all the colleges will offer specialization in nanotechnology in M.Tech.
    --> After completion of M.Tech you must go with P.Hd in nanotechnology.

    As you're interested in Nanotechnology i would suggest you to go with the highest degree in it which is P.Hd. Nanotechnology being latest one there will be always scope of succeeding in your career.
    All the best.

    @ S.Venkateshwarulu

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    Re: Which of the following degrees have more scope in Nanotechnology?

    sir amity university noida is offering b tech in nanitechnology. is there any placement options after b tech in it ?

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