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    ENAT Previous Year Papers

    where i get enat previous year paper?????? i know that it's online but still paper can be there na? plz reply soon....................

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    tarungupta_16 Array
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    Oct 2012

    Smile Re: ENAT Previous Year Papers

    Re: ENAT Previous Year Papers

    Hi friend,
    Hope you are in good health and good state of mind!
    It's always a treat and fun to answer your queries.
    I also appreciate the confidence that you have shown in us!

    It would have been netter had you mentioned the Stream as well.
    Then I could have sent you the papers myself.
    Since you have not mentioned the,I am sending you URL of a website from where you can download the question papers.
    The URL is as follows-


    I hope I have answered all your doubts.
    It was a pleasure answering your queries.
    Hope that you'll come up with some more challenging queries!
    Till then,take care.

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