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    Earning of a criminal lawyer in India?

    Monthly how can i earn as a criminal lawyer in india after completing my graduation in history.

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    Re: Earning of a criminal lawyer in India?

    A job of a busy Criminal Lawyer consists of a hectic work shedule with office hours from 8am-9pm
    " The pay package is as under "

    At starting level : Close to Rs 5,000 raging to Rs 8,000, per month
    AT mid-level, i.e with an experience of over 12-15 years it will be increased close to Rs 50,000 going to a lakh per month

    The salary depends mainly upon the way you achieve success, show dedication towards work & ability to analysis close hooked cases.
    While gaining experience Lawyers might charge upto 3 lakhs per months with additional amounts per hearing.

    Qualities which help you climb up the ladder :
    # Good Communication Skills
    # Analytical Abilities
    # An eye for details, not visible to other.
    # Leadership qualities
    # Out-of-the box thinking capability
    # Listening & oratory skills
    # A nook for flexibility, because their are times when what you might think does not happen, so twisting the case in the right direction is a motto you need to follow

    P.S: Just a request, take up cases which helps an innocent soul, not just for money. You need to clear the CLAT exam with a good score in order to make a carrier as a criminal lawyer...
    All the very best, take care friend !!

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