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    Does Aerospace Engineering have a good scope ahead in terms of placements?

    Hello, I am student of std 12th. I want to pursue my career in the field of aerospace engineering bt too confused about its placements..DO aerospace engineers lack job or remain unemployed ?What I all want to know is about placements of Aerospace Engineering In India and Abroad..

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    Re: Does Aerospace Engineering have a good scope ahead in terms of placements?

    Good to see that you are interested on the aeronautical engineering. It is a very nice and attractive course to study. Aeronautical engineering has a very good scope in the recent era. Aeronautical engineering is mainly a pert of the aerospace engineering. Aeronautical engineering is mainly deals with the designing , maintenance, repairing of the commercial and military aircraft. They are researching on the high speed technology and they have to very careful on their work as there is a small fault can become a huge risk.

    As here you asked that you are interested on the aeronautical engineering but you are in fear that if you do not get any job but i like to tell you that if you study well on the engineering and you understand all the subjects then no one can stop you to get a good job. On the recent market it has a huge demand i previously said. Only you have to study well if you only memorize and write the exam you will for got all the thing and on the time of the interview you will not be able to remember anything.

    For the aeronautical engineering you have to seat for the entrance exam like JEE, State based JEE, or the college basses entrance exam . try to score a good rank to take admission on the very good engineering college as good college provide good education and they also provide 100% placement also. SO study hard to take admission on the good college.

    Some good college are given bellow:

    1.Hindustan college of engineering
    2.Guru gram institute of the aeronautical engineering and technology
    3.IIT mumbai
    4.IIT kharagpur
    5.IIT kanpur
    6.Rajasthan vidyapith
    7.Academy of aerospace and aviation
    8.IIT patna
    9.National institute of aeronautical engineering
    10.Punjab engineering college

    List of company offer job:

    1.Air india
    6.Spice JET
    10.GTRE etc

    All the best

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    Re: Does Aerospace Engineering have a good scope ahead in terms of placements?


    List of colleges for Aerospace Engineering in Nagpur:-

    1.Guru Gram Institute of Aeronautical Engineering & Technology.
    2.SVSS's College of Engineering & Reseach.
    3.Karmavir Dadasaheb Kannamwar college of Engineering.
    4.Kavikulguru Institute of Technology & science.
    5.St.Vincent Pallotti College of Engineering & Technology.

    List of Aerospace Engineering Colleges in Chennai:-

    1.Dhanalakshmi Srivasan College of Engineering & Technology.
    2.P.B.College of Engineering.
    3.DMI College of Engineering.
    4.PERI Institute of Technology.
    5.Gojan Educational Institutions.

    List of Aerospace Engineering Colleges in Andhra Pradesh:-

    1.K.L University.
    2.Osmania University.
    3.Kuppa Engineering College.
    4.J.B.Institute of Engineering & Technology.
    5.Narasaropeta Engineering College.


    1.Military Aircraft
    2.Passenger Planes
    6.Aviation Industry

    Automobile & fast moving locomotive industries:-



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    Re: Does Aerospace Engineering have a good scope ahead in terms of placements?

    please please dont go for aeronautical or Aerospace B.E...it is not at all in demand....i am an unemployed aeronautical engneer...passdout from anna univ chennai with 8.95 cgpa...witout having any hold or legacy in the airways or aviation sectors,goin for this course would b foolishness...if ur adamant abt pursuin the course please try and get into IITs for aerospace engg...other than that dont go for this course nd ruin ur career...believe me,I ve been thru a lot nd i dont want ne1 else to make the same mistake as mine...i tuk up this course with a lot f dreams ,expectations nd aspirations in mind...nd all i got wen i passed out was my degree...even after scorin a gud cgpa f 8.95 witout hstory f arrears..im still unemployed nd iam not able to support my family....sO my humble request to all the aspirants wud b to go fr mechanical engg and then do a specializtion lik MS in aerospace abroad.....Hope this post helps you mate.....make ur choices efficiently so that u wont repent on it later...best f luck....

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