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    Date for distribution of MCA form?

    In which date the application form will be distributed for m.c.a ? I have provided my mail id here so revert me back.

    Send on this email- mdalizinna786@gmail.com

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    Re: Date for distribution of MCA form?

    the question is incomplete and you did not provide proper information to get the proper feedback!!!

    you must have mentioned the MCA forms of which university in which state....

    so kindly re post giving full information 9proper names of the examination and the under which university you are planning to study), so that we can supply you with all other necessary information !!!!!!!!!!!

    you will get mca exam alerts of 2012 here : http://www.successcds.net/MCA-Entrance/#mca

    you can get ELABORATE DETAILS on MCA exams of various reputed universities along with other necessary information(eligibilty critria, date of application, impotant dates, question pattern. location,application forms, etc) here : http://www.siliconindia.com/educatio...rance_exam.php

    hope these solve your queries.....if not repost your doubts here. ...!!!!!


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    Re: Date for distribution of MCA form?

    didn't get you question properly.
    It would have been better if you would have provided with the name of the MCA exam you wish to appear for,as different states conduct MCA entrance exam differently.
    As on general ,the forms for MCA entrance exam in any state is out in the month of March.
    go through local newspapers for the exact date in your state.

    good luck

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