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    Which course should I choose in between M.A.(English), M.S.W, M.A.(Economics) and Mass & Communication to get a good job?

    I have completed my B.B.M 2 years ago in Bangalore and have worked in a reputed media company for a year but had to leave the job for personal problems. Now I want to study further and I am very much confused between the following courses M.A in English, M.S.W, M.A in Economics, Mass Comm or M.B.A. I personally don't want to study M.B.A as I found out that management is not my thing. I want a secured job with a lucrative future. I have interest in Literature but I don't want to take up teaching as a career. I would like a respectable job in the Govt sector or the private sector but I am heavily confused with what to study. I would like some advice on what to do among these courses with which I can have a successful career. The courses are starting from next month and I am still in a big dilemma. Please help me. Jitu Sarmah.

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