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    Course and future prospect after 12th Biology?

    please advise me for the future prospectus & course after completing 12th bio

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    Re: Course and future prospect after 12th Biology?

    Dear friend,

    - There are many course which are available after 12th in BIOLOGY. Numerous medical fields are present like MBBS & BDS.But important/good differ from person to person based upon goal or interest one having in particular ground.According to present trend microbiologist, bio-chemist , nutritionist is in great demand.

    - Some of the courses offered are as follows :
    * Anesthesia
    * bio-chemistry
    * bio-technology
    * Homeopathy
    * Therapist
    * Physiotherapist
    * Microbiology
    * Nursing
    * Nutrition
    * Prosthetic & Orthotic Engineering
    * Pharmacist
    * psychiatry
    * Veterinary
    These are some of the course are available which is very high in demand and it will help to make your future bright.

    All the best

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