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    Complete information about Energy Manager exam?

    d/sir, pls give me the complete information about energy manager exam.(1)when the exam will happen?(2)what is the procedure to appear in the exam?(3)how can we resister for the exam?(4)what is the pattern of exam,if it is conveentional or objective type?(5)what is the syllabus and how they can be achieved?(6)would we have to attend the classes for it?(7)what is the fee's for it?

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    Re: Complete information about Energy Manager exam?

    Hello friend,

    Examination Dates: November Tentative

    How to apply:

    Candidates have to download the prospectus and complete the registeration through the website

    Eligibility criteria:

    For Energy Managers (EM):

    A candidate should have one of the following qualifications:

    B.Tech/B.E. degree with atleast 3 years of experience.

    Post Graduation in Engineering or Management after B.E./B.Tech with atleast 2 years of experience.

    Diploma in engineering with atleast 6 years of experience.

    PG in physics, chemistry or electronics with 2 years of relevant experience.

    1. Energy Scenario
    2. Basics of Energy and its various forms
    3. Energy Management & Audit
    4. Material and Energy balance
    5. Energy Action Planning
    6. Financial Management
    7. Project Management
    8. Energy Monitoring and Targeting
    9. Global environmental concerns
    1. Fuels and Combustion
    2. Boilers
    3. Steam System
    4. Furnaces
    5. Insulation and Refractory
    6. FBC boilers
    7. Cogeneration
    8. Waste Heat Recovery
    1. Electrical system
    2. Electric motors
    3. Compressed Air System
    4. HVAC and Refrigeration System
    5. Fans and blowers
    6. Pumps and Pumping System
    7. Cooling Tower
    8. Lighting System
    9. Diesel Generating system
    10. Energy Efficient Technologies in Electrical Systems
    1. Boilers, Furnaces
    2. Cogeneration, Turbines
    3. Heat Exchangers
    4. Electric Motors, Variable Speed Drives
    5. Fans and Blowers, Water Pumps, Compressors
    6. HVAC system
    7. Lighting Systems
    8. Performing Financial Analysis
    9. Applications of Non-conventional & Renewable Energy Sources (NRES)
    10. Waste minimization and resource conservation

    Thank You

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    Re: Complete information about Energy Manager exam?

    if the candidate complete his p.g in any stream then he /she apply for net exam or not what type of conditions apply in that type of situation

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    Re: Complete information about Energy Manager exam?

    HI DUDE,

    Elegibily criteria for Energy Manager :

    1. A Diploma Engineer having 6 years of relevant experience is also eligible for it.

    2. a post-graduate in Physics or Electronics or Chemistry (with Physics and Mathematics at graduation level) with three years of work experience involving use of energy in operation, maintenance, planning, etc.

    3. Managers work maninly involves Maintanance and Controlling etc.

    4. The candidate appearing for Energy Manager Examination has to pass 3 papers.

    Exam date are:-

    15th and 16th September 2012


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    Re: Complete information about Energy Manager exam?


    energy manager exam;-

    you can apply this exam after graduation/post graduation with different experience.

    for graduation,

    you have contains at least 3 years experience.

    for post graduation.

    you have to 2 years experience.

    for diploma holder,

    you have to at-least 6 years experience.

    there is no age limit for this exam.

    you can get all information on the below link-'


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