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    Which college will I get based on my WBJEE ranks?

    sir my rank in wbjee is 63715&sc rank is 5858 which college i get..........................

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    Re: Which college will I get based on my WBJEE ranks?

    See ,with your rank you wont be able to get admission in any government engineering college ,but you can surely get any private college.

    getting mechanical branch or computer science branch will be very tough for you but you can go for engineering in other branches.

    Some of the colleges you can get admission in are-

    B.P. Poddar Inst. Of Mgt. & Tech.
    Calcutta Institute Of Engg & Mgt.
    College Of Engineerig & Leather Technology
    Gurunanak Institute Of Technology
    Institute Of Engineering & Management
    Jadavpur University
    Narula Instt.Of Technology
    St. Thomas College Of Engineering
    Rcc Inst. Of Inform. Technology
    University College Of Sciences & Technology
    Jalpaiguri Govt Engineering College
    Siliguri Instt. Of Tech

    Other option for you is to take a drop for one year and prepare well for the exam and then apear for the AIEEE and the WBJEE exam next year.

    good luck

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    Re: Which college will I get based on my WBJEE ranks?

    Hi Buddy,

    After scoring good rank in WBJEE you have plenty of chances in many colleges.After scoring good rank you can choose any college or branch based on your interest.

    images (1).jpg images.jpg

    1. Academy of technology.

    2. Arybhatta institute of engineering & management.

    3. Asansol engineering college.

    4. B P Poddar institute of management & technology.

    5. Bengal college of engineering & technology.

    6. Bengal shool of technology.

    7. Callcutta institute of technology.

    8. College of engineering & management.

    9. DR B C Roy engineering college.

    10. Future inst of engg & technology.

    11. Gurunanak inst of tech.

    12. H C Garg inst of science & tech.

    13. DRB C Roy college of pharmacy & Allied health science.

    14. Bengal engineering and science university.

    15. Kolkata university.

    16. Gupta college of technological science.

    17. Durgapur inst of advt tech.

    18. Heritage inst of technology.

    19. Jadavpur university.

    20. JIS College of engineering.

    21. RCC Inst of information technology.

    22. Techno india.

    23. Techno india college of technology.

    24. University of inst of technology.

    25. National institute of technology - NIT.

    26. Institute of engineering and management.

    27. Haldia institute of technology.

    28. Narula institute of technology.

    29. Seacom engineering.

    30. BCDA College of pharmacy & technologyt etc.


    1. http://www.westbengaleducation.net.

    2. http://www.infinitecourses.com

    All the best.................

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    Re: Which college will I get based on my WBJEE ranks?

    On the basis of your rank, you may get admission in anyone of the colleges of West Bengal.
    Some of the colleges are given below.

    1. Academy of Technology
    2. Asansol Engineering College
    3. B P Poddar Institute of Management & Technology
    4. Bankura Unnayani Institute of Engineering
    5. Calcutta Institute of Engineering & Management
    6. Calcutta Institute of Technology
    7. Govt Collge of Engg & Textile Tech, Sreerampore
    8. Gupta College of Technological Science
    9. Narula Inst of Technology
    10. National Power Training Institute

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