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    Chance of getting into ISRO and becoming Astronaut?

    I am studying in class IX but i want to become an astronaut. I like about space very much from Class-III. So, i had watched all special episode about space on discovery and other channels. I know very much about life cycle of stars like nebula,supernova,white dwarf,etc. I want to join ISRO for going in space.Will be there any chance for me?

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    Re: Chance of getting into ISRO and becoming Astronaut?

    Good to see that you want to build your career on the astronautical side. Now a days it has a great demand on the recent market. Astronautical engineering is manly deals with the outer space means to say that they are researching on the stars and the particles from the earth or the other planet come to exist. They are also deals with the manufacturing and maintenance of the satellite ,space craft etc.

    As you asked how you will become an astronauts so i like to tell you that to become astronaut you have to pursue the engineering on the astronautical engineering. As you are on the 11th so it is the perfect time to study hard to get admission on the engineering with this trade.

    To take admission on the engineering you have to seat on the different entrance exam like State based entrance exam, JEE Main, JEE Advanced, College based entrance exam.

    Qualification for those exam:

    1.Candidate must have to pass the 10th form a recognized university wit min 50% marks
    2.Candidate have to pass the 12th form a recognized university with min 50% marks
    3.Candidate must have active backlog.

    If you have those qualification then you can seat for the entrance exam of the engineering. After you crack the exam you can take admission on the colleges as per your rank. College will be allocated on the rank basis on the counseling process. SO try to score a good rank so you can take admission on good college .

    List of college offer the astronautical engineering is given bellow:

    1.IIT mumbai
    2.IIT Kanpur
    3.IIT mdras
    4.IIT kharagpur
    5.Madras institute of technology
    6.Hindustan institute of engineering and technology
    7.Punjab engineering college
    8.VSM aerosopace
    9.IIT Patna
    10.School of aviation science and technology

    Are some of the good college in India.

    After passing the engineering you have to seat for the entrance exam of the isro to get chance on that organization. If you able to crack the exam then you have to face interview to get chance on that. So first passed the engineering with good marks and then seat for the entrance exam of ISRO. This is the procedure to get chance to ISRO.

    All the best

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