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    Can I opt for a course in Cyber Crime after 12th? Details for the same?

    I appeared for my SSC exam this year,my sister would be completing her MCA this year,it was after I went through some of her books that I found this field interesting.Also I'm eager to do my career in Computer related field.Can I opt for cyber crime after 12th?How?Please acquaint me about this in detail.

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    Hansa Sachdeva Array
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    Re: Can I opt for a course in Cyber Crime after 12th? Details for the same?

    If you want to opt cyber crime then you should go for the Integrated course B.A L.Lb hons 5 years course..
    After completing your L.LB you can specialize in any subject and then you can opt for cyber law..
    I think it will be best suitable for you..


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    Re: Can I opt for a course in Cyber Crime after 12th? Details for the same?

    yes of course......you can opt for Cyber crime course after your 12th exam!!!
    but if you take my opinion, I will advise you to go go for some course on Computer before opting for the cyber crime/security course!!

    You may ask why.... ??? well there is quite a valid reasons behind this opinion!!!!
    Firstly you need to be good in Computer basics/programming languages, mainframe and other related topics
    And to get these depth on the topics you need to enroll for some computer related course that will provide you that much of depth !!! else you will not be able to cope up with the syllabus and curriculum of the cyber crime courses

    so after 12th go for streams like
    • Computer Science engineering
    • Information Technology Engineering
    • Electronics and Communication engineering
    • B.Sc in Computer Science
    • B.Sc in IT
    • BCA/MCA

    After going through these course you will have a thorough depth in Computer subjects and also in programming which is very important!!!! you will be strong in the soft tech ares which will be a big boost to your career

    after this 4 year course you can go for Cyber Security Courses in various Colleges

    • Institute of Management and Technology - Ghaziabad
    • Institute of Management and Technology - Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
    • Maharaja Sayajirao University - Vadodara
    • National Institute of Technology Rourkela - Rourkela
    • The Indira Gandhi National Open University - New Delhi
    • Institute of Management Technology - Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
    • G. H. Raisoni Law School - Nagpur, Maharashtra
    • (Diploma in Cyber Law)
    • All India Institute Of Management Studies - Chennai, Tamil Nadu
    • (Diploma in Cyber Law)

    you will jobs in various IT companies in the anti-hacking department!!!!!!you will get good salary and with quite a lot of incentives
    moreover if you can work well and develop something new for the security purposes or any other useful thing, you can get quite a lump-some money for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you will get job offers is companies based in foreign countries like USA,UK etc
    but you need to very good at your work,....for that you must have thorough conception in your subject,hence doing a core computer course is necessary before opting for Cyber Security courses!!!!

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Can I opt for a course in Cyber Crime after 12th? Details for the same?

    My name is ABHI.studing 3rd b.tech of e.c.e.(electronic & communication engineering.
    I like computets & I like this field.Am I eligible for cyber crime?please notify me as soon as possible

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