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    Can I enter in TCS by knowing only C language?

    I m student of ece 6th sem tcs will come in campus so can i enter in tcs by knowing only c language ,or any other language i hve to knw

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    Re: Can I enter in TCS by knowing only C language?

    Yes , for freshers the company TCS doesnt expect more Programming languages . The Recruiters will see , whether the canddiate is having Good knowledge in anyone of the Courses perfectly .

    So, you no need to worry in this matter . Get a Good command in the C-Language

    You should put more concentration on the Topics like ,

    Unions , etc...

    It is also very good that , if you get a command in the Data structures also .

    Some topics in Data structures are ,

    Binary Searching
    Quick sort , etc...

    All the best

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    Re: Can I enter in TCS by knowing only C language?

    Hi Friend,

    Yes, you can sit in the Written Test conducted by TCS in your 6th Sem of B.Tech.
    The company does not expect more from the freshers. It only needs that you must have to qualify in the written test conducted by them and GD and an Personal Interview.
    If you have qualify in this then you will be selected for the Job.
    Yes, it is very use full that you know C language. It will help you some to hire job when compared to other students who are participating in the TCS recruitment who does not know even C language also.

    Only C language is not enough
    Along with this you must have knowledge in Aptitude, Reasoning, General English, GK, Mathematics to pass in written test conducted by Them.

    If you know any other languages also they will train you minimum 6 months for the Job.
    If you have time then you can learn some other extra programming languages like
    .Net etc...

    This will help you

    Thank you..

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    Re: Can I enter in TCS by knowing only C language?

    Sorru to tell you but By only knowing C language you won't be able to enter int the TCS.
    i know because the company has already visited our campus and what they want is the basic knowledge of all the computer related subjects.if you will only go with the C language then in interview the first question will be asked about the subject you know other than Any language like DATA STRUCTURE,DBMS,OPERATING SYSTEM.
    so it is better to do any of this two subject as well to enter into the TCS.i hope you got the answer.
    Thank you.

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