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    Can GRE make me applicable for Masters in Aeronautical trade? Scholarship and funds to avail? Best suitable subjects to do from US? Cutoff for MIT with scholarship?

    I am pursuing btech in electronics and communication engineering . I was very much interested in aeronautical engineering but could not get it now i want to do MS in aeronautical stream.so does this make me a viable applicant to do masters in aeronautical trade through gre also i would be glad to know if you could tell me about scholarships and funds that i can avail through gre ? and if i cannot do masters in aeronautical then what would be the best suitable subject for me to do post graduation in from US? also sir please guide me more about gre how can i get good marks in gre and how should i prepare for it? also what is the usual gre cut offs to get into MIT,i cannot afford to study in MIT massachusets institute of technology so getting scholarship is must for me so please guide me

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