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    Can changes be made after submitting the application form?

    Can a candidate make a change in the Entrance Test centres after submitting the application forms by selecting a certer test center ?

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    randhirk.rk Array
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    Jul 2012

    Re: Can changes be made after submitting the application form?

    You have not mentioned the exam for which you want to change the exam centre.
    Is it for entrance exam or is it for Exams for graduation or post grduation held through distance mode.
    But a student cannot change the exam centre once selected for the entrance exam.

    In exams for grduation or post graduation through distance mode , it canm be changed in some cases upon approval from the exam registrar

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    shars Array
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    Jul 2012

    Re: Can changes be made after submitting the application form?


    no you dont have option to change the centre of examination once your application is submitted, while in special or emergencey cases after contact tht particular chief of the exam you can change the test centre on special permission of that chief of the exam.

    you have to follow some guidelines which they tell while changing exam test centre.

    by the way your question is incomplete regarding which exam do you wantto change the centre is it for any entrance exam of degree or pg or any other exams, please be clear with your question.

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    mahi4mk Array
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    Feb 2012

    Re: Can changes be made after submitting the application form?

    No, If you have the change center sorry if you submitted form then after no changes.
    You select only one time you fill a form you choose any center, colg ,course ,age and full
    detail for releted study about you and then after post does not change anything . If you wana
    change for admit card sorry nochange.Candidate cannot change anything,No option for
    change anything this a rule for every candidate in indai.some form mention you have change
    exam center .

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    chandu22 Array
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    Jul 2012

    Re: Can changes be made after submitting the application form?

    Hai friends

    for the any entrance test exam , once you filled the application in the on-line or on the form ,you can not change any corrections in the application form .
    Once the filling the application first filled the application in the rough paper ,check the the rough application once and twice ,so that if it is correct you can filled the application form
    no option change anything once you filled the application

    hope it is use full to u

    good luck

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    joyshreenath Array
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    May 2012

    Re: Can changes be made after submitting the application form?

    I am afraid that the thing you have mentioned is quite difficult if not impossible. It completely depends upon the examination you are entering for, the importance of that examination around India and the institute from where you are appearing for the examination. Since you did not mention the name of the examination, I cannot guess what is the circumstances and what importance does your examination have. But in general once you complete and submit an application form, it is taken to be complete. It comes into the administrative departments. There nobody knows and they have loads of applications to deal with. So if your form has a mistake then they may simply reject it or they might keep it on hold and mark it as a stand by. You will have notify the office immediately about your mistake and ask from them about the current status of your application. If your institute's office members permit then only can you make changes in it and resubmit it.

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    er.animesh6 Array
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    Aug 2012
    West Bengal,Bankura

    Re: Can changes be made after submitting the application form?

    Hello Guest,
    I do not know that which about examination you told as you have not mentioned it.You wants to know that can you make a change in the Examination Test Centers after submitting application form by selection a test center.
    Look If it is a Examination related to govt. job then it is Impossible to change such thing like examination center.
    In case of Non-Government Sector there is few possibilities but the chance is very low.It is better to go the examination center which you have selected in the application form.Although you have to face some difficulties for that.

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