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    Which is better Indian CFA or American CFA?

    Hi Team,I am a working professional in banking & financial services & i want to pursue further studies & m interested in doing CFA.. my question is .. if i do CFA .which is better & has more value..the INDIAN CFA or AMERICAN CFA & which is in more demand worldwide.Regards,Shweta Sharma

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    Re: Which is better Indian CFA or American CFA?

    The CFA Program (which is regulated initial United States ) is a globally recognized program.

    This program curriculum provides a strong foundation of investment analysis and portfolio management skills to its students along with the practical knowledge students need in investment industry.

    Every year more and more Indian student enroll in the course and have found great success
    in their jobs and career after doing globally recognized CFA.

    The course is highly recognized and very popular among Indian Students.

    There are 3 level in this course
    • The Level I
    • The Level II
    • The Level III
    For more Info visit below website


    India - ICFAI university

    This course is also good among commerce students but it is not globally recognized and some dispute between ICFAI and CFA is going own.

    This course also have not provide that much return to students as MBA and Chartered Accountancy course are providing.

    If you have no plan of going abroad that iNDIAN CFA seems better as cost of doing Indian ICFAI is low.

    for more info about ICFAI


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