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    Which is the better career option among Languages, Clinical Psychology and UPSC for Physically Challenged person?

    I am a physicaly challenged person . I have to write with the help of writer so also I cannot read on my own due to discalculia . Iam a student of 12th arts (waiting for results) my subjects were English, Marathi , Sanskrit , Political science , Sociology & Psycology. I have keen intrest in langueges so also in Psycology.For the purpose of my studies I have to depend on somebody .At this stage Iam very much puzzeled as to what to do in order to build a smart and strong career.Iam thinking about career in langueges but my father is inssisting for career in clinical psycology,moreover my physiotherpist has adviesed me to prepare for UPSC exams .What shall I do ? Please guide me .Omkar Devendra VaidyaMaharashtra.

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