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    Best book for IAS WBCS Exams

    Please tell me which is the best math book with solve for IAS & WBCS exam..?

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    Re: Best book for IAS WBCS Exams


    Here I am with some of the best books that you should read for preparing WBCS-


    1) Linear Algebra - K.C. Prasad, K B Datta
    2) Calculus - Santhi Narayan
    3) Calculus - Das,Das & Mukherjee
    4) Theory and Problems of Advance calculus:Murray R. Spiegel
    5) Introduction To Ordinary Differential Equations:Coddington(Prentice-hall)
    6) Introductory course in Differential Equations. A. Murray(Orient Longman)
    7) Vector Analysis:Murray R. Spiegel(Schaum Publishing)
    8) A Text Book of Vector calculus:Shanti Narayan
    9) Statics:S.L. Loney(Macmillan)
    10)Dynamics of a Particle: M.Ray
    11)Tensor Calculus:Barry Spain
    12)An Elementary Treatise on the Dynamics of a Particle and of Rigid Bodies:S.L. Loney
    13)Introduction to the Theory of Relativity:P.G. Bergmann(Prentice Hall of India)
    14)An Introduction to Real Analysis:P.K. Jain and S.K. Kaushik(S. Chand & Co)
    15)Complex Analysis: Ponnuswamy(Narosa Publishing )
    16)Complex Analysis -J.N. Sharma

    Hope the above information will help you a lot!
    Best of Luck for WBCS!

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    Books for WBCS exam:-

    Soil science - D.K DAS
    Genetics - B.D.Singh
    Plant breeding - B.D.Singh
    Introduction of horticulture - KUMAR


    Pathology- Singh
    Plant anatomy- B.P.Pandey
    Cell biology- Dr. Robotics


    Inorganic chemstry-J D Lee
    Organic chemstry- Wade
    Chemical bonding- Sobhit kumar
    Enviornmental Chemstry- Helmet


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