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    The below given information about Carmel High School is true?

    About Carmel:Carmel High School is a learning community of excellence, enabling students of different language abilities to become independent learners and effective communicators. The School prepares students with the knowledge, discipline, and skills to succeed at university level and contribute to the multicultural world of the 21st century. Is it true?

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    Re: The below given information about Carmel High School is true?

    Every school make some promises and work on that from the day one you enter in the school if you cooperate with them and work as per they say and work hard for getting both the targets achieved, their are many students who passed out from Carmel is at good positions and some doing nothing. So it depends on student to student. No teacher or school is bad...
    So don't doubt on school or teachers they are the one who set our foundation...

    All the best

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    Re: The below given information about Carmel High School is true?


    well it is a routine that every buisness organization repeats the same statement and line ,you may be slight surprised that i am calling carmel school a buisness organization,most of the school or colleges,the private ones claim such thing and they promise to keep that,you do not need to think that much,it is possible that whatever carmel school is claiming is true or else it is completely incorrect,but you just have to concentrate in your job and follow every rules and will have to build your career,everything depends on you,if you want to live good,then no body can disturb you,likewise lotus does demand for fresh water to reproduce,it comes up in the dirty water and spread its flourensence to the whole world,because it wants to kive good and so no one can make it bad,same theory apply for you also buddy.

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