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    Am I allowed to study Master in Film study being Bachelor in Information System?

    I Have finished Multimedia in Deploma and I am going to finish Bachaler in INFORMATION SYSTEM but I am really keen to study "film study in MASTER' so Am I allowed to study master in film in reputed university in INDIA. please inform me ALSO, how much it cost to finish the film study in MASTER DEGREE.

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    Re: Am I allowed to study Master in Film study being Bachelor in Information System?

    This is a very unusual stream that you have chosen, which is really good. Now for doing masters in films you can be fronm any genre of graduation. It is just like MBA and graduation stream is never a concern here. For you the best option will be Master in Mass Media. This will give you knowledge on every aspect of media, including print and audio media too. So you will gain a good amount of knowledge in this course. There is Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth which has this course enrolled in their educational program. You need to appear for no examination at all. You just need a 50% or more in your graduation and that is it. The course fee may reach from 1-2 lakhs depending on the institute you join.

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