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    Advantages of Wipro BPO Jobs for Production Engineer?

    Hello Sir,I am a Production Engineer & i am getting job in Wipro BPO, should I do this job & if yes than what are the advantages to me as i am Engineering (Technical) person....please reply...

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    arunsingh Array
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    Re: Advantages of Wipro BPO Jobs for Production Engineer?

    Of course Yes. !!
    First of all what any one looks for , is Nothing but the Experience . and here is your Chance for the Same. you must not leave this golden Opportunity.
    Have some Experience in the Field and then Decide whether you want to continue wit it or wanna Leave.
    You can Gain Knowledge any where but to gain Experience It Cost High to many.... To Think Twice before taking any Decision

    Best Of Luck

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    Onkar Kaur Array
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    Re: Advantages of Wipro BPO Jobs for Production Engineer?

    Dear friend, as you are fresher this time and the best option for you is to grab this opportunity. It will be better for you. Now, just start your career and after getting some knowledge and work experience then decide, in future what do you want to do. It may be possible that you 'll get good post in the same company. But, yes if you already have some future planning or you already have a some kind of aim of work then you may choose the option which is best for. According to my point of view, its better to have something than noting. So, if you feel now you don't have better option than this then you must join this. It will prove best for you and your future career. Trust Yourself.


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